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Growing up with kids -

a parenting group for English Speaking Olim in Israel

Children are children. They are doing their job growing up. Water, feed, repeat. Unfortunately, it is not that simple sometimes. While we may like our children to always do what we want, when we want, it doesn’t work this way.


All children misbehave for a variety of reasons, such as testing boundaries or seeking attention. There are temperaments in some children that are more difficult to parent than others.  Children require different approaches to help them learn to regulate their emotions, impulses, or behaviours. Confident parents who are prepared for the problems and pitfalls of parenting will be more flexible, creative, and calm.


This is an evidence-based programme based on the work of Dr Carolyn Webster-Stratton,  culturally mediated for English speaking Olim in Israel. An integral part of the programme will be to confront the challenges associated with Aliya and raising our children in the bi-lingual and bi-cultural environment.

for more information, please contact us:

Dr Raeli Bronstein  0542132544

Gabi jonson  0544993375

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